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Our team is diverse, passionate and committed. There’s nothing we can’t accomplish; no challenge is too great to tackle! ORA’s intent to propel the power of human potential in our lives, in business in community, and in the world at large is a commitment we wholeheartedly share. This is work we live by, day-in and day-out. It’s our stubborn idealism that guides ORA’s transformative vision to institutionalize leadership, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. We aspire to make innovation in the world a societal norm! Each of us brings different focus, talents, and skills that enable us to carrying out ORA’s Mission and Vision. The common ground that unites our collective service is that we see the unlimited possibilities and tangible outcomes we will collectively create for our clients. We boldly embody Aristotle as we share with him that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Each of us is uniquely independent in the value we provide to ORA, but we find that it’s our interdependent strength that challenges and empowers us and those we serve. ORA’s environment is authentic and real time. We think there’s no better way to grow professionally. We believe the best way to serve is “to be the change we choose to see in the world!” – Gandhi

  • As co-founder of ORA Systems, the 'amazement' eluded to in my title personifies the extraordinary reserves of untapped human potential we see in the world today. ORA’s Mission is to engage technology as the fuel source in propelling the power of human potential – in our lives, in business, in community and the world. Our Vision is audacious – to institutionalize entrepreneurship-intrapreneurship, leadership and innovation in the world so this becomes a societal norm. We are certain about our success—human potential is the untapped reserve in endless supply…and that’s amazing!

    Rebekah Christensen, Co-Founder and Chief Amazement Officer
  • As co-founder of ORA Systems, building a corporation from the ground-floor up is a tenacious endeavor requiring relentless endurance and support. As ORA’s co-founder and president of miscellaneous affairs, I have achieved mastery in performing the diverse and assorted affairs that propel the altruistic endeavors of our company. We are what we teach; leadership is not about title but rather about doing whatever is necessary to get the job done!

    Keith Christensen, Co-Founder and President of Miscellaneous Affairs
  • Both my personal experiences and living abroad for so many years gave me a penchant to serve marginalized communities. My work with ORA personally feeds a path I follow. ORA views marginalized communities as untapped pools of human potential. We agree with Einstein that ‘We are all born to genius.’ Our focus is generating the pathways that nurture and unlock the authentic you. This empowers our ability to tap into our unique gifts and contributions. When we understand ourselves (our truth), we understand our world. This gives us the agility needed to thrive in our real time world.

    Erica Buckles, Creator of Opportunities
  • I've worked with ORA's founders for many years and have seen them identify and develop the gestation of our Mission, Vision and Values. For me the power of the written word is an art form. The challenge is to capture meaning and purpose to ignite action in our 'tweet-based' society. As ORA's editorial curator I de-construct and re-construct our messaging to communicate clearly and succinctly the unlimited possibilities before us. As a story teller our words are simply letters unless they empower positive and creative action!

    Lynn Eder, Editorial Curator & Storyteller
  • I think IT is one of the most prominent frontiers of digital society! What is so exciting for me about the work I do with ORA Systems is that we are pioneering new ways to use technology as a source of fuel for connecting our clients’ unique identity profiles (as individuals, as organizations, and as communities) to the world around them—all in real time! We believe unleashing human potential is a transformative common-denominator that unites us all. Using technology to ignite and fuel this effort is an art and a science in which we endeavor daily to excel!

    Praveen Edulakanti, IT, Web Services Czar
  • EEO, Diversity and Inclusion has been my profession but beyond that my calling in life. Being an ORA team member takes my passion to serve to the frontline of our digital economy. Technologically, we are one world that moves, morphs and changes; twenty-four-seven. We may never see or know the people we connect to and do business with, so it's the value of contribution, not the color of our skin that will define the words we choose, the relationships we build and the indelible mark we leave on the world. As the Ambassador of 'Diverse Inclusion' for ORA, we believe that when the power of one ignites the power of everyone, innovation soars!

    Dean Lan, Ambassador of Diverse Inclusion
  • I have spent my entire career as a graphic designer; this is where my passion soars. I've worked with ORA starting long before its incorporation. Day-in and day-out, we use graphics to communicate the holistic nature of ORA’s work in ways that inspire our imagination and compel action. We tell stories with the imagery we create. We're committed to steadfastly enhancing our brand—empowering the unlimited possibilities of your human potential. When we do this, we shift organizations from the inside out, which, in turn, transforms our broader community of life.

    Melinda Lang, Imagery Guru
  • I met ORA Systems as a member of a leadership group in state government. I was assigned to procure innovation training for a large group in our department. I immediately saw the transformative power of their work in building authentic leadership and intrapreneurial spirit in government. ORA’s approach was pioneering but at the same time it was logical and outcomes-oriented. I began as a consumer of their services but chose to continue with them as a catalyst of rapid innovation. It’s here that we can successfully unleash our leadership in real time.

    Rapid Innovation Catalyst, Richard Martin