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ORA Systems - Our Service Approach


We see ourselves as catalysts of intrapreneurial innovation. We cultivate agility in government by accelerating environments of shared resources and collaborative outcomes that make a difference – within government and those served.


    We promote a 4th Wave approach to government. This approach dissipates silos and hierarchy and brings a global and shared stewardship/leadership to government. It creates a dynamically integrated ecosystem of stakeholders, employees, families, customers, government, economy, and constituents. These stakeholders possess a pledge to service, with a sense of responsibility for the whole mission of the agency. 4th wave prioritizes a commitment to personal fulfillment in doing our jobs, serving constituents, and leaving a legacy.



    Unique to ORA Systems is our approach to accelerating intrapreneurship in government through a dynamic process promoting creativity and problem solving that we term "rapid innovation moonshots (RIMs). These RIMs represent an active state of collaborative creativity, innovation, and civil service improvement in government. Fueled by a boundless fusion of people, resources, and accelerating human potential in the workforce, it organically responds to real-time needs and outcomes and propels 10x futures.



    A key conduit for rapid innovation to occur is the transformative shift away from external hierarchical governance that functions from silo-based environments of power and control to an internalized paradigm of employee empowerment that prioritizes the dynamic development of human potential within our workforce. In this environment all employees assume self-accountability and self-responsibility by contributing to organizational development and outcomes on a real time basis (4th Wave). Through this, they create environments of systemic self-improvement that organically benefits all in tandem—the organization, the employee, and the society served. Not only does the role of leadership not diminish, it expands. It is the leaders’ function and responsibility to build cultural trust and sustain environments where an employee’s innovation and intrapreneurship is embraced and operationalized within the institutional framework.



There are common characteristics that are synergistic to any project or program in that there are competing needs and outcomes that must be identified and meaningfully integrated to achieve accountable results.  


We think environments of service are environments where co-creative learning soars. In our approach we teach:

  • How a new paradigm of thinking can break through restrictive boundaries that limit input and contribution from employees at all levels
  • That the creation of the art of the possible through a pragmatic 8-step path can strategically hone achieving tangible outcomes from environments of innovation
  • That innovation and real-time results are mutually inclusive
  • How archaic barriers and boundaries that constrict contribution are broken down to enhance resource management and accelerated outcomes
  • That a framework and metrics of performance for building inclusive teamed environments can heighten integrity of performance and accelerate positive results – in tandem, for all involved
  • How to infuse the voices, knowledge, and wisdom of state leadership into a framework that guides and leads rather than dictates outcomes
  • How to imbue the collective value of state leadership alongside and in collaboration with teamed contributions
  • How the density and diversity of accrued project or program information creates open-ended possibilities for use by all
  • How to generate our collective work products, our mindsets, our unbridled collaboration to demonstrate a flexible and agile governmental environment that can easily embrace existing and new critical innovations that our state needs to include
  • How to provide definitive proof that exceptional ideas can rise to the forefront of leadership from environments where the doors of access were traditionally tightly closed. This accelerates and advances human potential in the workforce.
  • That bravery of leadership and a willingness to step beyond every zone of comfort by rank and file and leaders alike can be accomplished and validated
  • How to construct a far-reaching foundation upon which future deployment shall be built
  • That recognition is a culture of appreciation that expresses the transformative power of diversity
  • That the unlimited nature and potential for good that a career in government offers is a magnet that attracts and sustains public stewards, innovators, and pioneers that lead and empower the potential of today to transform the unknown possibilities of tomorrow



  • A reimagined government that creates a culture of intrapreneurship and innovation which transcends the all too common generational and hierarchical divides in civil service improvement
  • A forum to capture the historical knowledge and resources of those leaving state government while forging an environment that attracts top-tier millennials into state service