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1-1-board-overview_new In our stewardship as directors and as we reach out to serve the world, we see our children not simply as our "hope" for the future and as a torch that will someday be passed, but instead as an integral part of our today. We are in their lives as teachers and guides to mentor the unlimited possibilities of their unexplored horizons of life. They are there to reflect back a childlike wisdom that is profound and a knowing that "unlimited possibility" is a state of mind. We know that man and nature are two sides of one whole and who we are in the world reflects that understanding. We know that by serving the greater needs of our society we serve ourselves as well. We have an integrity to life – first ourselves and then others. We seek to embody an authentic unifying core between us and our world – meaning what we think, what we speak and the actions we take exist in a seamless flow from our inner life to our outer world. We see the chaos of today's world as an opportunity and we understand the power of technology to both support and fuel our interaction – and even more important, our creativity and innovation.

Our mission and vision are not words we speak… it is how and why we serve!

Our Mission

With technology as our fuel, to propel the power of human potential – in our lives, in business, in government, in community and in the world!

Our Vision

We're institutionalizing leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation in the world as a societal norm! ORA SYSTEMS, INC. – 2017 – 2018 BOARD OF DIRECTORS

  • The common denominator unifying my career is my penchant to unleash and accelerate human potential—its creativity, and innovation. “In a digital world the playing field is leveled; all voices can now be heard and seen. This requires each of us stretch and become the best we can be from where we stand.

    Rebekah Christensen, Founder - CEO
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  • When I was a Cobra helicopter pilot in Vietnam during combat, I learned that life isn’t yesterday or tomorrow, it’s NOW! No matter what the world brings, we all have the acuity to respond. This isn’t just a combat skill – it’s a human skill inside all of us. And to thrive in today’s real time world, this is who we must be!

    Keith A. Christensen, Co-Founder - President
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  • Within an increasingly complex society, my professional contributions focus on applied leadership and management approaches to simplify individual responses and transform organizations. I joined ORA's Board of Directors because they get it. Quite simply, their contagious passion is redefining how we understand ourselves.
    Paul Danczyk, Director
  • Diversity is truly the one-world of a digital society, and inclusion will be defined by all of us kollaboratively, being the best that we can be from where we stand. I know ORA Systems’ impact on the world has a capacity to empower creativity, innovation, and the civil liberties of all in our society as a kollaborative force on our planet.

    Dean Lan, Director
  • As an intellectual law professor, it is exciting to serve on ORA Systems’ Board of Directors. Our technological world is rapidly shifting the landscape of intellectual property – for individuals, for-profit corporations, governmental institutions and communities-at-large. As it impacts innovation, intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship, hybrid public-private partnerships we’re in an era where opportunities and "rapid innovation" abound. Across the spectrum, the IP landscape has shifted and will continue to do so at an exponential rate. The innovative work of ORA Systems brings a pioneering focus on this shifting landscape and it is exciting to serve as a professional advisor and champion of their ground-breaking efforts as leaders of this change.

    Michael Mireles, Esq., Director
  • James Waterman, Director