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ORA: Mission and Vision statement

With technology as our fuel, we propel the power of human potential – in our lives, in business, in government, in community and in the world!


Video Quotes

We are only going to be as great as the vision we hold

To institutionalize creativity, leadership and innovation in the world as a societal norm.


Video Quotes - Our Values and Others

The Unlimited Nature of Human Potential

Holistic Approach – Systems Thinking

Diversity and Inclusion in a Digital World

The Voice of the Next Generation


Making a Difference

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Central to the core of ORA’s Value’s is our name…

In Italian, ORA means “The Time is NOW;” in Spanish, ORA is defined as “now is the way, or - at present;” in Old English, it means “prayer;” in Japanese, its meaning is “light,” and in Latin, the meaning of ORA is “golden one.” We see human systems – advancing human potential, as the next frontier of leadership and innovation (personal, professional, organizational and in community) in our technological world. 4th Wave Values: Across the spectrum of ORA’s work, we subscribe and teach 4th Wave Values: The Fourth Wave approach dissipates silos and hierarchy and brings a global and shared stewardship and leadership to our work. Our approach generates dynamically integrated ecosystems of stakeholders, employees, families, customers, government, economy, and constituents. All are taught to possess a pledge to service, with a sense of responsibility for the whole mission of the shared endeavor. 4th wave prioritizes a commitment to personal fulfillment in doing our jobs, serving constituents, and leaving a legacy. Stewardship – leadership is a stewardship – leaving a legacy for future generations. Our approach is holistic – people, environment and the economy. Responsibility for the Whole – All stakeholders possess a pledge to service, holding a sense of responsibility for the whole of the shared mission. our eco-system is one world – integrating stakeholders, employees, families, customers, economy and constituents. Global unity – ORA systems’ create a global unity and dynamic flow where we organically integrate in a fluid movement from independent to interdependent. in this agile environment, our quality of performance, excellence and competitive edge expand and grow in tandem.

We say "Ignite the Genius in YouThe Time is Now!"

Imagine a world where our independence and interdependence grow in strength and depth through our dynamic exchange with each other.

Imagine a world where in giving, we receive and become more, and in teaching we learn and see who we are in context to the world around us.

Imagine a world where self, family, government, business, community, and economies integrate and innovate to co-create a new competitive edge, defined from ever-increasing levels of integrity, passion, performance and self-excellence.

At ORA, leadership begins with YOU, as we innovate to co-create unlimited possibilities in sustainable worlds without walls!