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  • What is 4th Wave Government?
    Fourth-Wave Government creates an inherent commitment to service by every employee; a sense of responsibility for the whole mission of the agency, and a sense of commitment and personal fulfillment for doing our jobs. Fourth Wave Government ignites passion through its affiliation with authentic leadership, where the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. 4th Wave - o Defines the natural state of government consisting of global stewardship and creating holistic and dynamic environments of exchange o Organically integrates people, environment, and the economy o Functions without hierarchies; everyone is valued and empowered to work together to create a smooth path toward progress and continuous improvement o Creates a work environment where all employees have 4th wave values; everyone is of leadership capability and everyone contributes o Global: shared leadership at all levels – national, state and local – now and into the future o Operates within an integrated ecosystem – stakeholders, families, employees, businesses, customers, government, constituents, environment and economy o Creates Unity – business promotes economic, social, and environmental justice with the commitment of leaving a legacy for the future participants.
  • What Is Innovative?
    To be innovative is to introduce something new; to do something in a new way; to create new ideas about how something can be done; to make improvements in processes by creating change in that which is already established; to make positive changes in the status quo; to create what didn’t previously exist.
  • What is Rapid Innovation?
    Rapid Innovation is the act of creating a culture and environment of innovation and continuous improvement by promoting vibrant, collaborative, and integrative work environments that possess an inherent commitment to service by every employee.
  • What is Intrapreneurial?
    Intrapreneurial describes the act of pursuing opportunity beyond controlled resources to shift the status quo in government, or within business - for the society (or customer) served.
  • What is a Moonshot?
    Originating as Google terminology - Instead of a mere 10% gain, a moonshot aims for a 10x improvement over what currently exists. The essence of a Moonshot is the combination of a huge problem, a radical solution to that problem, and the creation of breakthrough technology (or innovative idea) that just might make that solution possible.
  • What does Empowered mean?
    Being empowered is the result of taking ground-breaking leaps of faith and exploration while believing and knowing the impossible is possible!
  • What is Tangible Benefit and Value?
    The result of a clear and focused intent to create short-term tangible benefit and value through applied use cases that meet specific targeted needs. These quantify proof of concept as the source of fuel to achieving our longer-term Moonshot outcomes.
  • What is Authentic Leadership?
    Authentic leaders possess an intuitive wisdom that's organic, at truth; agile; real time - e.g., existing in the state of NOW. Authentic leaders merge the balance of knowledge, intuition, skill, and practice into a seamless flow, so no matter what the world brings, you have the acuity to respond to it.
  • What is Genius?
    Genius is the act of functioning beyond conditioned and reactive thinking. The expression of something new that’s aligned with the shift and direction of humanity - i.e., the right idea at the right time, moving in the same direction humanity is heading.
  • What is Human Potential?
    Human potential is unleashed when you are the best you can be from where you stand. This is achieved through intense, optimistic engagement with our world. A person who lives within his/her full human potential is fully alive, existing at optimum potential and purpose--in other words, authentic and "at truth" with who they are.
  • What is Human-Centric?
    This state of empowerment ignites our human potential to nurture authentic leadership and innovation.
  • What is Community-Centric?
    This state aligns the power of human potential with the power of technology to serve the unique needs of society in the real time environment of our digital world.