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1. Business Planning

ORA Systems conceptualizes integrative designs and solutions to business improvement problems and translates those solutions into a design plan. We advocate a customer orientation approach with a focus on the organizational mission and vision. We evaluate leadership, intrapreneurship, innovation and improvement ideals and principles from the perspective of the customer or person receiving the benefits and services; e.g., how can their unique needs be served in real time. Applied outcomes and achieving results are essential for interim deliverables to be measured and to assure rapid and targeted progress is being made.  

2. Change Management

ORA Systems utilizes a holistic and systemic approach to ensure that key personnel and stakeholders are consistently involved, engaged, and entrenched in change management processes and principles to ensure universal support for the program plan. Our management and communication skills allow us to easily adapt our consulting approach to meet the needs of entry-level personnel up to the most senior executives. Targeted training and coaching services are administered to project team members, staff, and interested parties to ensure that the community vision is well understood and supported. Issues are conveyed and discussed to elicit feedback, innovation, and collective real time solutions that enhance the performance outcomes of each participating unit and the collective program as a whole. We also construct comprehensive change management plans that utilize a systemic and integrative approach to involve key personnel and stakeholders who are engaged and committed to the change management processes and principles. This facilitates universal support and buy-in. We provide expert guidance and direction to project team members and staff to ensure that the community vision is well understood and supported.  

3. Organizational Assessment

Our systemic and integrative approach to leadership and management uniquely positions us to conduct and provide real-time organizational analysis. This analysis reveals the opportunities for management, leadership, business and operational improvement for each entity. Key organizational assessment activities developed and deployed by ORA Systems include data collection on strategic program areas, interviews with organization leaders to identify key issues and problem areas, and holistic program analysis to guide strategic planning and development of management and leadership. We embed 10x thinking into the foundation and framework of our operating structure to encourage people and programs to strive for ten-times improvement rather than incremental or 10% improvement. In working from this frame of reference, untapped and under-utilized resources are identified, evaluated and redesigned for use in ways that were previously hidden in the former boundaries of silo-based environments. We work with employees from different divisions, departments and programs to identify, analyze, design and facilitate intersections where collaboration and shared environments can occur. These mitigate resource limitations and tap into existing resources in new and integrative ways.  

4. Program Design

ORA Systems translates operational requirements into organizational and architectural designs for creating and building human-centric and technological responses. We identify and evaluate the existing technological capabilities within government, and then apply adaptive approaches to achieve integrated rather than silo-based business solutions. Our approach is to develop leadership and management skills that can transition both interpersonal and organizational performance from environments of silos and hierarchy to a systemic integrated approach that meets the challenges of dynamic change. As pioneering systems consultants, we are adept at conceptualizing strategic innovation requirements and demonstrating a keen ability to translate these requirements into project plans for business improvement process design, development and implementation. A strategic emphasis within each scope of work we perform is to train employees in their interpersonal, professional and organizational development to create their unique brand identity and the brand of the organization.  

5. Program Development

ORA Systems designs, develops and implements integrative and inclusive programmatic responses to the priorities that are identified by the organization. We identify shifting constituent trends, integrate and hone key skills and competencies, and manage information and resources to develop systemic approaches that can capture and grow the real-time skill sets of staff and constituent communities.  

6. Program Implementation

ORA Systems employs a multi-disciplinary team of experts to oversee and manage the construction and implementation of all components that comprise a program. This is achieved from three levels of management: 1) operational, 2) programmatic, and 3) human systems, e.g., personal and professional development of the employee for the purpose of achieving an integrated outcome designed to achieve tandem benefit to all involved parties. We lead the operational oversight and establish key relationships at all levels of participating staff.  

7. Project Management

ORA Systems organizes and controls all functional activities to meet the assigned program goals, objectives and timelines. We develop production guidelines, production schedules, budgets and timelines. Specifically, ORA Systems’ strategic guidance and direction creates focus and function for integrating the expertise of government personnel by providing pre-determined updates covering work-in progress to include videos (You-Tube), emailed updates, and prototype design mock-ups covering:

  • Real-time program management with real-time repositories reflecting work-in-progress;
  • Real-time professional and organizational development;
  • Real-time goal setting; activities; insights; identification of areas of growth and opportunities for improvement, leadership development, skills and competencies development, organizational development, community development and posting of real-time resumes and community performance;
  • Real time resource development for job identification, education and training, resource providers, identification of community partners and events, volunteer opportunities, mentoring opportunities, donated products and services, etc., and;
  • Statistical analysis to capture real-time progress for the employee, organization, constituents and the community.


8. Strategic Planning

ORA Systems provides expert strategic guidance and direction as it relates to identification and selection of integrative and innovative opportunities and solutions an organization chooses to address. Each project is selected based on the organization’s mission and vision, the internal involvement of personnel, the external impact on society, the utilization of innovation and 10x thinking, and the impact on succession planning to transfer knowledge and attract a 21st century workforce. Strategic analysis is conducted to identify best available practices that serve existing needs within both the organization and constituent base while at the same time reaching out to serve the broadest base within the constituent community being served. This is achieved by analyzing the constituent marketplace to assess the unique needs presented by varied constituent groups. ORA Systems’ strategic guidance and direction creates focus and function for integrating the expertise of an organization’s staff. This impacts the development of projects and programs by enhancing collaborative internal strategic innovation efforts (human systems and technological) for the purpose of developing a cohesive outcome that generates integrated program goals and objectives.