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NLP 2016: The Intrapreneurs Innovation Boot Camp

Integrating the activities and outcomes of 2012, 2013 and 2014, the NLP Intrapreneurs’ Innovation Bootcamp NLP 2016 is an immersive, real-time training program designed to teach state employee intrapreneurs specific transformational lead­ership skills that are critical in our ever-accelerating digital society. Each month, panels of leaders framed the strategic direction of where California’s leadership is heading. These panels informed and guided the intrapreneurial rapid inno­vation activities that ensued to build a 4th Wave government. This 5-month, 43-hour training program was sponsored by the California Department of General Services (DGS) in col­laboration with the co-sponsorship of California Department of Human Resources (Cal-HR) and 8 agency – departmental training partners. Using a facilitated, experiential, real time innovation format, 66 trainees teamed in groups of thirteen to reimagine government by challenging the status quo and breaking new ground in building a human-centric, communi­ty-centric society through an approach defined as 10x rapid innovation.

Key Goals:

To generate a real time understanding of intra­preneurship and rapid innovation from a premise of creating five independent but interdependent teamed moonshots that formulate exponential improvements in government as it reaches out to serve its constituent community. This program created a common language that integrated, as standardized pillars, GovOps and Cal-HR’s leadership philosophies, values, skills and competencies. The skills developed throughout this training series were applied to create six different use cases. Collaboratively, the over-arching program outcomes combine to recommend replication models through the formulation of the California Mobile Innovation Strike Team (CalMIST).



  Kern, Alameda and San Joaquin Google Innovation Labs.

  Day of Innovation – Intrapreneurs Innovation Boot Camp 2016.

  Introduction of County Leadership:  Daniel Kim

Trainer – Google Innovation Labs 2015

From May of 2015 through October of 2015, ORA Systems served as a trainer and a member of the Google Eco System to support the development and implementation of Google’s Innovation Labs in Alameda, Kern and San Joaquin County. The labs are designed to provide a forum that trains local governments to reinvent how they provide services to their constituents.  ORA Systems team members assisted the participating county leadership in facilitating their innovation outcomes.

ORA Systems – Integrated Activities – May 26, 2016

Facilitated and managed by ORA Systems, the outcomes and lessons learned from these three 2015 innovation labs formulated a “Day of Innovation” Panel for the State of California Agency and Departmental leadership and its innovation trainees. These three counties participated in Reimaging Government – Building a Community-Centric and Human Centric Society as culminating event for the Intrapreneurs Innovation Boot Camp 2016. (Reference: Programs for the Intrapreneur’s Innovation Boot Camp Outcomes 2016 Video Series.)


 Integration and Innovation in Government Program, Speakers, Sponsors

 Integration and Innovation Summary Report

 The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts:  Martin Hoshino, Administrative Director, Judicial Council of California

Collective Vision:  John Chiang, Treasurer, State of California

2014: Comprehensive Video Library:  California Agency and Department Back Stories + Innovative Projects and Programs

NLP 2014: Integration and Innovation in Government:

Via a 30 member key-leadership advisory board, NLP 2014 initiated an immersive 10x Moonshot training program. Our top-down, bottom-up and across the middle approach redefined leadership and innovation as it impacts California’s state workforce. A key focus of this program was transitioning employee (human) skillsets that must shift to function with integrity, proficiency, and real time accountability in a technical world that exists in constant change. This requires a holistic approach that supports empowering all levels of government simultaneously in its service to society.

Key Goals:

Predicated on a 10x model of innovation, we developed 17 organizational backstory videos that communicated the heart and soul of the organizational ethos. This integrated with a secondary year-long activity that communicated and video-taped the agency or department’s most integrative and innovative project or program, embracing the over-arching mission and vision of the organizations (departments and agencies). The culminating event generated a panoramic vision of government. This resulted in integrative-innovative outcomes holistically depicting California’s $2 trillion+ economy – the 6th largest economy in the world!


Conversations in Leadership Program

 The 10-20-30 Rule of Leadership – Howard Schwartz, Chief Deputy Director, Cal-HR

 The Character of Leadership – A Back Story – Robert Barton, Inspector General, Office of the Inspector General, OIG

 The ABC’s of Leadership – A Back Story, Joseph Farrow, Commissioner, CHP

 The Ying-Yang of Leadership – A Back Story Juney Lee, Chief Deputy Director, California Department of Rehabilitation, DOR

NLP 2013: Conversations in Leadership

Explored the premise that leadership is less about power and more about influence. The series called for contributing our personal best from where we stand.

Key Goals:

To hone the art and the science of the personal backstory as one of the most powerful tools in defining and refining our character of leadership – in our personal lives as it bridges into our jobs and out into the world. The program utilized key state leaders to teach the transformational qualities of the backstory as it informs an integrated and holistic leadership approach that is unique to each individual. This hones our intrinsic characteristics of leadership to enhance our intuitive agility to perform in a real time world, defining our authentic leadership style.


Navigating Leadership in a Changed World Program and Speakers

Navigating Leadership Sponsors

Team Building – Beyond Collaboration, Karen Ross, Secretary, California Food and Agriculture Agency

Back Story of Leadership – Either You Are Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution:  Mark S. Ghilarducci, Director, California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services

Back Story of Leadership – Tapping into Childhood Experiences:  Anna Caballero, Secretary, Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency (Retired)

Back Story of Leadership – Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way:  Peter J. Gravett, Secretary, Dept. of Veterans Affairs (Retired)

Whole Systems in a Virtual Economy, Rebekah Christensen, Founder – CEO, ORA Systems

NLP 2012: Navigating Leadership Challenges in a Changed World

Spanning one-year of collaborative development, this framework was designed as a “working model” to demonstrate an accelerating societal shift underway that transforms people and economies (personal, professional and community) from the old paradigm of hierarchical leadership and management to the new paradigm of whole-systems; e.g., collaborative and integrated management.

Key Goals:

To demonstrate the opportunities that the challenge of change creates – in people, organizations and in California’s economy; to initiate the “back story” as an overarching tool that defines the character of leadership in us all.



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