Human Systems - The Next Frontier of Leadership and Business Innovation.

We live in a CHANGED WORLD.

Our Mission

To unleash the power of human potential – in our lives, in government, in business, in community and in the world!

Our Vision

To institutionalize leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation in the world as a societal norm.

Our Kollaborative Approach

We build synergy (a bridge) between the expansion of individuals organizations and communities.  As a “whole system” this fuels the tandem growth, integrity, performance and sustainability of each.

This organic flow of information, resources and knowledge generates a  hybrid competitive edge that is predicated on ever-increasing levels of self-excellence for all involved.

Whole Systems in a Digital World

This site is “about” Whole Systems, but most importantly, it is about YOU.  Technology has firmly planted all of us in a digital (integrated) society that exists in NOW.  As a holistic system, a digital world mirrors nature.  Its foundation is one of constant change.  To “Challenge, Build, Transform and Thrive”  – life is not yesterday or tomorrow, it’s NOW. Einstein says “We are all born to genius.”  Our genius is revealed when we live  at integrity with our “authentic self” in the context of NOW.

Whole Systems is far more than scientific theory, it is, quite simply Human Nature – the natural order of life. Anything that is human nature is in our DNA – it is a wisdom we are born with, and thus a knowledge we all have.


Through a digital system, a platform, called KollaborNation, ORA System’s harnesses technology in whole new ways to synthesize the power of human potential with the power of technology to create a human-centric and community-centric society.

Using technology as a “hybrid fuel source,”  KollaborNation creates a dynamic environment where personal, professional, organizational and community development and “kollaboration” can occur. Through self-accountability and responsibility, it connects “who we are” to “what we do” in a real-time framework that records and maps our professional growth. Its holistic (integrated) environment continuously bridges our independent contributions with our interdependent responsibilities and purpose, our activities with our progress, and our performance with our outcomes.  Thus these interdependent relationships will always enhance independent performance and organically refine our branding in the world.

Likewise, as independent performance increases, it will simultaneously enhance interdependent outcomes. At all levels, the fluid freedom of this environment exponentially accelerates innovation – personally, professionally, organizationally and in community.  This platform is set for beta test in late Spring 2016.

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